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The soldier runs away and drops a picture of him and his mother, and Van picks it up. He takes out Viola with the help of Rosa and the Godos.

Back at the deserted village Van asks Dr. Van and Irvine along with Rudolph and Zeke make it out there. Fiona piloting a Pteras and Moonbay piloting a silver Pteras, they were monitoring the Hammer Kaizer.

He goes and meet them by himself, and gets beaten pretty badly. Then Irvine makes it into the base and starts looking for the vaccine. Van's trying the best he can to fight the black Redlers, but he's not doing to well. Van and Moonbay make it to Mt.

Moonbay decides to act like she's getting married and succeeds after lying half a dozen times. After the officer in charge denies every one of his statements, they board a militaristic brown Hammerhead. He does have one good point that makes up for his ugly face, he is a Geno Breaker specialist. The story ends with Shadow overheating from being attached to its zoid core and hardening into a stone statue with Raven holding it in tears.

Later, Van, Fiona, Reice and Zeke went by the ruins and they found out that the stone tablets were gone, and Van was attacked by some small mechanical bugs. Rudolph wakes up and was having a bad dream and wonders if he will ever get back home.

Van, Moonbay, Irvine and Fiona had made it to the Guerrial Plateau and started searching around the ruins. It turns out that Irvine is trying to capture Zeke, as he reappears to attack the Gordos, and later Van, only to retreat when the Gordos defends the damaged Shield Liger. Then Major Schubaltz and Minister Prozan have a discussion about the attack on the rebels. Rosso gets caught and tells Van not to get caught because he defeated the Desert Alcavaleno Gang. Raven takes care of all of them.

As soon as Van arrived he was caught by Prozen and they both had an argument. He goes to the city and has lunch with the Republican Commander. The guy says he was afraid and just trying to get away. Its Zoid core shuts down and the Zoid begins to turn into stone.

Van yells at him and the soldier attacks out of fear. Karl recognizes Zeke from when Van, in the Shield Liger, and the organoid ran past him in a battle. Rosso and Viola make it to their hideout but Metlenick's group launches a missile right into their hideout, assuming that they are dead Metlenick resumes his mission. He takes them back to his mansion, where Moonbay finds out that it was him. Zeke and the Liger merge and Van and Irvine take off through the base.

Meanwhile, Van demands an explanation for what's happening to the Shield Liger. Meanwhile at the ruins, after touching one of the stone tablets, Fiona remembers something called Death Saurer. Van does some simulation tests at a nearby base to prepare for Raven's arrival.

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Zoids Chaotic Century

List of Zoids Chaotic Century episodes

They make it to the bandits territory and the plan is Van will draw them out and keep them engaged in battle until Irvine can sneak in and get the vaccine. Zeke gets hit while trying to follow, and Van stops to go back for him. Colonel Herman goes over the meeting about the Ultrasaurus and its defenses.

Chaotic Century is set in the far reaches of the Milky Way, on the planet Zi. Raven is not the Raven that Van knew back in Chaotic Century, he has been psychologically effected by the loss he received. Genesis Episodes Zoids Wild.

Missiles are launched from the iceberg and snow appears. Van and Fiona escape but Irvine, Moonbay and Zeke are caught. Shadow attacked Raven violently. It does not matter if it's a Republican or Imperial one.

While in the Mount Osa Base, Irvine and Colonel Krueger are having a pilot to pilot talk with each other about the zoids. Organoids have the ability to fuse with other Zoids, either healing them, making them more powerful, evolving them, etc. Throughout the recent history of the series, maniyara malayalam movie songs Zoids have been used as weapons in an ongoing war between the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire. Chaotic Century anime series.

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After getting away from the treacherous Mount Iselina, Van and the gang made it into Republican Territory. Van thinks that it might be a mistake bringing Thomas into this mission. Then the old guy takes them on a suicide mission to an unmanned Republican supply base that was protected by several sleeper Guysacks.

As Irvine and Thomas were making it to the Storm Sworders for the bombing run, the Death Stinger changes course and starts heading for the molten lava himself. Marcus believes that it had to have been a fluke. Van accepts, and all the while Moonbay had made it to the Mount Osa Base. The boy rescues them from the Republican Soldiers.

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After they made it out of the treacherous mountains, Irvine and Van are traveling somewhere. He gets seen by one of the members of the zoid hunters and runs around a bit until he is caught by Irvine. In an attack from the Saber Fang, Van is thrust into the whirlwind of light where the Shield Liger is resurrected as the new and improved Blade Liger. Metelinick gives Minister Prozen, the Ring of Guylos.

Zoids Chaotic Century

After fighting the Geno-Breaker and falling over a cliff into a river Van washes up in a shore. First they start with a man called Hiltz, then they go on to, Ambient, Reice, Specular, then finally Raven and Shadow.