Mulder and Scully must fight the government in a conspiracy and find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth. An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits. The X-Files at Wikipedia's sister projects. The first seven seasons featured Duchovny and Anderson equally. During the discussion, Anderson discussed Scully's influence on female fans, relating that a number of women have informed her that they entered into careers in physics because of the character.

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Kuwait National Cinema Company. The following four seasons received similar praise.

After several successful seasons, Carter wanted to tell the story of the series on a wider scale, which ultimately turned into a feature film. Only two episodes in season eight involving Mulder didn't focus on the mythology arc. Season eight has the biggest amount, airplane flight simulator with ten of them coming from there.

Pontifical Gregorian University. The series also spawned a franchise which includes Millennium and The Lone Gunmen spin-offs, two theatrical films and accompanying merchandise. The conspiracy-inspired trio The Lone Gunmen were also secondary characters. The following year, the show won five Emmys out of eight nominations, including Darin Morgan for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

Early in the series, both agents become pawns in a larger conflict and come to trust only each other and a few select people. By doing so, he accidentally activated an echo effect setting. Most importantly it made great gains among the to age demographic sought by advertisers. There are also other episodes about extraterrestrials and alien abductions unrelated to the arc, such as Conduit and Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose.

The X-Files


They are the equal parts of my desire to believe in something and my inability to believe in something. Contributors Become a contributor. The three Lone Gunmen were excellent light diversions in bloody cases or cases involving alien invasion or what not. The survivors of a plane crash are forced to work together in order to survive on a seemingly deserted tropical island.

The cast of supporting characters was always first-rate with Mitch Pillegi as Skinner and William Davis as the antagonistic Smoking Man never giving a bad performance. Counter to the alien colonization effort, another faction of aliens, the faceless rebels, are working to stop alien colonization. How many episodes of The X-Files have you seen? His character, however, grew into the main antagonist. Despite this, his face is featured in the opening credits for those episodes in which he appears and he also receives star billing in the aforementioned episodes.

Scully's father, William Don S. Carter's initial pitch for The X-Files was rejected by Fox executives. Cigarette Smoking Man appears in the background when Homer is interviewed and the show's theme plays during one particular scene.


The sample illustrates the noted whistle and echo effects. The show remained on Sunday until its end. The best example is Leyla Harrison.

For other uses, see The X-Files disambiguation. Although Anderson stayed until the end, Gish became a series regular.

He is also adamant about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and its presence on Earth. Duchovny brought some much needed wry humour to an otherwise serious subject.

But before I get too compartmentalized, The X Files was able to be two series in one - perhaps its greatest achievement. He is found guilty, but he escapes punishment with the help of the other agents and he and Scully become fugitives. Original Motion Picture Score. These characters were characters that we learned to like and wanted to follow. When Pileggi auditioned for Walter Skinner, he had been in a grumpy mood and had allowed his small amount of hair to grow.


The X-Files

Problems playing this file? My skepticism and my faith.

His attitude fit well with Skinner's character, causing Carter to assume that the actor was only pretending to be grumpy. Fight the Future was released.