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Basically, you talk, and SpeakQ transcribes what you say. It can be used to support some modern foreign languages as well as English. The second option is to speak to your computer continuously like you would with Dragon Naturally Speaking. You can still add in custom vocabulary and train SpeakQ to understand the new words. Today, WordQ is used by a broad population of students, not just those with learning difficulties, e.

The user can switch between typing and speaking at will, and the program will suggest words that are hard to pronounce or spell. Dragon NaturallySpeaking requires you to read independently. You would have to contact the makers of WordQ directly. WordQ is a pretty neat piece of assistive technology. You can also turn this feature off if you like.

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As an assistive technology, this is called transparent accessibility. In this case, you need to click the skip button and SpeakQ will automatically move onto the next word in the sentence. The combined program works with Windows.

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Notify me of new posts by email. It offers a pretty decent text-to-speech voice engine that you can turn on with the click of a button.

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WordQ also provides sentence examples for tricky words so a student will know which witch is which without having to struggle through a confusing definition. Like WordQ, SpeakQ may be used with additional languages. Click here for more information about the education edition before you buy. In other words, WordQ does in-context prediction.

First, it will read the sentence to you, and highlight the words as it goes along. SpeakQ will ask you to read the text line by line.

If you want to dictate entire paragraphs and articles to your computer using very accurate speech recognition software, then you want Dragon Naturally Speaking. WordQ will read each word as you type i. But if you wait long enough, SpeakQ will automatically reread the sentence for you.

This is neat because it gives you another tool to help you spell tricky words just by talking to your computer. You can set SpeakQ to read a few words each time, wedding invitation video templates or to read in natural phrases which is important for struggling readers to learn how to group words.

There are several neat things about the SpeakQ training module. You can use SpeakQ to help your struggling readers by getting them to practice reading by training the speech recognition engine in SpeakQ. Shein and the hospital established a co-owned company, called Quillsoft Ltd, to commercialize WordQ and support further research at the hospital. Your email address will not be published.

Also, Dragon Naturally Speaking is a really complex program for the average student. Then it gives you an opportunity to read back the sentence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As soon as we are able to ensure that the software can be easily installed across all networks, updated instructions and installation files will be made available. Voice-recognition software works best when you speak in natural phrases.

SpeakQ will read each line out loud first so the student can hear it. One option is to speak to your computer and then select from the pop-up window the closest phrase to what you actually said. As the user types in letters, the software attempts to suggest the word being used, based upon the first letters and words previously written by the user.

Teachers can customize the phrasing themselves. Your students can also highlight phrases and click the read button to hear WordQ read entire passages.

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So students who read in choppy short phrases need to focus on reading words in longer groups. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How do you use speech recognition software in your classroom?

WordQ and SpeakQ Assistive Technology for the Classroom

There were words in the original draft of this post. Your students get a chance to practice reading fluently. The simple texts in Dragon NaturallySpeaking are not that simple. You can add your own custom texts for students to train SpeakQ. WordQ is fantastic in its simplicity.