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Download Easy Recovery Essentials. Answer Y once repairbcd has found the desired installation. Plus, even if you were to grab a copy from online, the original winload. What is wrong is that entries in your bcdedit are corrupt. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Then I ran the updates and at some point it restarted and told me that Winload. Don't try to fix a missing or corrupt winload. You do not need to replace winload. Unfortunately, mp3 campursari sangkuriang you'll find a lot of information out there that says otherwise.

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Hello, My brand new Sony computer had a problem with missing or corrupt winload. Spent a good part of the day screwing around with it. Now seems ok but occasionally powers off. Boot to the windows install disc. Yea, multi-disk drive setups can catch you like that.

Once this has been completed, additional drives should then be installed and configured. There is no need to explain it here. Does anyone else know anything or have a clue about setting this up the best way? Good luck with your power issue.

Still won't boot proprly though! Startup Repair is an automated diagnosis and repair tool that is available from the Windows setup disc and can be used to find and repair some common problems. Something else you can try to fix a winload.

Windows, booting up successfully. Chkdsk utility results screen.

This will never change and is the exact same no matter what version of Windows you're using. Office Office Exchange Server. For deployment issues, please use the Windows Vista Deployment and Imaging forum.

In the dialog-box titled System Recover Options, click the command prompt and type in the following commands. Try it, I can almost guareentee that it is the case. My brand new Sony computer had a problem with missing or corrupt winload. The location for the winload.

But nevertheless it worked. As an experiment, I cloned the new disk back onto the old disk and it worked first time.

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This is a last ditch effort since I believe the hard drive is failing. These are some of the more common winload.

Bootrec utility results screen. However, no one has pointed out exactly why this issue happens, which should be the first step in identifying a fix. Read more at Windows Recovery Disks.

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Once again, there is no need to re-install or even do a repair as vista suggests. So, as a last and desperate option I simply copied winload. Download recovery disk for Windows Vista.

What Is Winload.exe

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There are two fixes, One pertaining to a single boot system, and one pertaining to a multi-boot system. Here is what I have done to fix that in the past. If you have any problems please let me know. Highlight the item related to your windows install and click next. So I appear to be the except to the rule.

The copy you find online could be malware, masquerading as the file you're looking for. The files might not be missing or corrupt, but simply inaccessible due to a chkdsk being required. Just a suggestion because I saw another post with the same issue before. Thank you very much for that. Once you change that manually, you will be back up and running.

Missing file windows system32 - Microsoft Community

The desktop appeared on screen, I started up Firefox and Outlook and blam, blue screen of death. Usually the system will be afflicted with either, but in some cases, can be afflicted by both.

More information about how Startup Repair operates and what it does can be found in our knowledgebase.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. If these settings are not showing the drive on which your vista is installed, you must change it.