Tu Pyar Hai Kisi Aur Ka Remix Mp3

Tu pyar hai kisi aur ka tujhe chahta koi aur hai dj remix song

Can you tell me where I can get an audio of this song? God will never send any one like him, may he be in peace. Cheers to all of you - Lovers of Talat Saab's gazals.

Let us silently pray for him and the family. Have gone through almost all the pages on this site.

As a teenager I was watching the indian film for the first time. Sujay and from all of his family. But the older version is very very rare.

Tu Pyar Hai Kisi Aur Ka Mp3 Song

That is why you will find less, rather no, Talat clones. His velvety voice never failed to move me. All I knew that he was a great singer, and I grew up listening and loving his songs.

His voice is very beautiful. The more he apologised the more the crowd wanted their requests.

What do you intend doing by creating a web site like this? If you have the audio, nothing but wind can you put this up on the site. My fascination still continues and now even I like humming Talat Sahab's songs. Warmest wishes on the Birth Anniversary of Talat Sahab today. He will live for ever in my heart.

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Talat's voice is gentle and velvet like, and he's a cool singer. Besides all of his singing and voice qualities, he looks very descent, calm and sober, elegant. Because, Talat also held you in his arms as a baby! If you are ever in Detroit area I like you be my guest. Otherwise, I still visit this site daily and get the same refreshing feeling as the first time.

While looking at the sky also I remember lines of Talat's song only. Had dinner with him at my brother's house after his concert. For me it is a highly collectibles. Even today when I hear this song it brings tears to my eyes. He used to sing from his heart, not from his lungs.

We enjoyed the show very much. And Khalid, you have done excellent job to bring him to his devoted fans. It has been very informative for a person like me who is from the present generation and never had the oppurtunity of listening to Talat live. Talat sahab was a great person, great singer. The film was never released and the only tape containing those songs had disappeared years ago.

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Tu pyar hai kisi aur ka - Khwahish Gal Mp3 Song Download

Really a great - rather the greatest job! Let me know where I can get some of his old hits filmy or other. My hat's off to his son Mr. His voice has life like music. You are doing a fabulous job and I wish you success and happiness in all your endeavours.

When I become adult and started understanding music I found Talats voice a prescription for healing of all kinds. He was a great ghazalist of his time. Westernisation of hindi songs is nothing but a disaster. Further, I am an amateur astronomer.

Is it possible to meet you and if so, where can I meet you. Please continue this title. Khalid to tribute the great legend I wish to meet his family specially with you. Thank you very much for starting this website. He had a sore throat and he felt he was not at his best, kept apologising for that but continued.

He is gone but his songs will remain to remember him for years to come. Talat Sahab has been a great star of India and made us all proud. The concert went with TalatSaab's magical touches. Your father is one of my most favorite singers of all time! He sang two of my request songs also.

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Whenever i hear Talat Mahmoods golden voice i just beside myself with emotions. Let me congratulate you on doing such a great job to keep the glory of Talat Sahib alive.

Many have said all the qualities of his voice. The biggest praise for the two concerts came from the press on the following days. For his fans Talat has come alive again. It was really a class talat song.

Although, I lost touch with him, he was always with me because I listen to his velvet voice every day of my life. What mattered was that he performed and the fans got to hear him. Please give rare songs as much as possible.

Death has taken Talat Mahmood from us. Difficult to believe his overtone voice is so amazing and capture my heart. But I did not find these in listen to audio page.

It was just by chance I reached this site, and have read everything and still wanting more. Talat Mahmood is a Legend and there is no match to him.

The blessings of millions of fans are with you. God bless your family and Talatjis name should be there forever. That was Talat Mahmood's introduction to me. He used to sing difficult songs with such ease that every other would feel that he too can sing his numbers but when you try then you realise how difficult is to sing his numbers.

Please email me back for my home adress. If I ever loose it, I will be lost.

Free Download Tu Pyar Hai Kisi Aur Ka.mp3