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Information Seller John Novosel. It will seem fast at first but it makes sense.

Want MyGolfSpy's email newsletter? Tempo is critical, but if you are successful with your natural tempo, stick with that. But I can say after one month, my swing has improved and my consistency has improved. One of the best ways to use the Tracks is to listen to them while driving to the course before a round of golf. Today, out of about balls with the driver, not a single one went right!

Tour Tempo got me moving, hitting the ball on line more consistently, and with much better pace. Both the app and the books also include some drills that will help you to incorporate Tour Tempo into your swing and improve your fundamentals. Protect Your Back - Tour Tempo.

It can be good for freeing the swings of paralyses by analysis golfers. Match With Similar Interests and More. Not so much the short game tempo yet.

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The results in the full swing were not as instantaneous, but they have been every bit as dramatic. Thumbs up for the awesome review.

Eligible for Family Library. You are about to acquire that same ability. Will be trying both for a few weeks and see which one yields better results. With that in mind, why would you not take Tour Tempo to the range with you?

Tour Tempo app tells you how you can apply the correct golf swing tempo of the Tour Pros into your golf swing. Now Tour Tempo can be added to that most-elite company. The book outlines and explains the discovery of a specific mathematical ratio regarding the elapsed time of the backswing and the elapsed time of the downswing of the Tour Pros. Our mission is ConsumerFirst. He actually turned around and high fived me.

And I certainly could use some help! Tour Tempo is a true family business, so if you have questions, you can contact one of the Novosels and expect a prompt, thorough response. Neither of us could stop smiling.

What is the difference between the Y drill and mini Y drill? It pretty much cured a big banana slice I had with my driver as well. Protect your back and build a stronger core! The magic ratio on full swings turned out to be three parts backswing to one part downswing.


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They are basic, rock-solid drills that you will never outgrow, and they will likely apply to you regardless of what swing philosophy you believe in. The first subject was my dad. They establish the intrinsic tempo of the golf swing in your subconscious mind.

Frequent readers know that the driver and I are often mortal enemies, but my most recent round featured stellar driving because I was thinking about the Tour Tempo tones on the tee box. It would be good to get into a deeper discussion on Tour Tempo but as you said this is not the right platform. Tour Tempo is scientifically proven, it's easy to use, and it will help you in every facet of the game. The Tour Tempo Tones have a clear purpose. My chipping and pitching is much more solid as a result, dune2 my bunker shots still need more practice with the tones.

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. We are here to help educate and empower golfers. All you do is react to three scientifically spaced musical notes. The difference in my shortgame was ridiculous. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

My personal experience with Tour Tempo has been outstanding. Anyone know if this is the difference between the two?


Did you try the Tour Tempo Frame Counter? This is another reason why the game of golf is so hard to master. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

This is what the Tour Pros have already done. The Tour Tempo System is simple and easy to learn. It did not work at all for me and I tried over several months to implement the changes. Students confirmed that Tour Tempo is a great way to erase mechanical swing thoughts and get back to being athletic.

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From the very first sand wedge I hit I was sold. Tempo is almost always my problem during a bad round. Will take a look on the Android store.

Interested in getting rid of your mechanical swing thoughts and hitting it better? The tempo portion makes sense, but simply added yet another layer of swing thoughts to the swing. By chance a fellow golfer was using the app and he showed to me. With this formula, they created the Tour Tempo app.

For me I feel my body movements to produce shots, I rarely care too much about positions in the swing other then where I am at the top of the back swing and impact. We measured the time of their backswings and downswings by counting how many frames of video each part took. There is nothing that can offer more improvement to your game for less.

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