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Cover of North American PlayStation version. Randolph Ramsay Randolph is the editor in chief of GameSpot, and needs more time to play games.

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Heihachi Mishima develops a rejuvenation serum and hosts another King of Iron Fist Tournament after consuming it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Certain trophies in the game unlocked Home rewards. Zafina is one of the most interesting of the new characters. It features a large roster, strong customization options, and tight mechanics, and it's sure to be a time sink as you enjoy battle after battle and strive to perfect your skills.

But once you've found your favorites, experienced Tekken players will see that the tweaks and changes made to the move sets of returning characters are, for the most part, minor. That being said, the Bound and Rage Systems can and will often lead to repetitiveness and imbalance, respectively. The Scenario Campaign is a surprisingly addictive multihour marathon that takes place over a wide variety of environments.

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Other important moves include throw counters, wall juggles, roll evasions, and various in-depth strategies. As a last resort, this system can be very powerful, and has often led to many miraculous comebacks. Learn more More Like This. To further motivate Kazuya, Heihachi adopts the Chinese orphan Lee Chaolan and raises him as a rival to his true son.

There's probably not a single Tekken game that I've credited while remaining unbiased. As opposed to Tekken's previous attempts at a beat-'em-up, self motivation videos the Scenario Campaign mode actually features a decent number of different enemy types and environments. What are the benefits of playing Tekken?

Tekken 6 Pc Download Free Full Version Highly Compressed Game

Tekken (video game)

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Players are able to customize characters and take any non-customized or customized character online. Emerging victorious at the last tournament, Jin Kazama sits on the Mishima Zaibatsu throne and declares an all-out war against the entire world!

Just as with juggles, each of the characters has his or her own bound launcher, and it's a great new addition for Tekken fanatics to explore. However, Lars is rendered amnesiac during an attack by G Corporation and spends some time recovering his memories. Due to being unable to defeat larger opponents however, he disappeared from the fighting world, determined to increase his weight and power while still maintaining speed. Once activated, a reddish energy aura appears around the character, and their health bar starts to flicker in red.

It also stars a hack and slash mode focused on a soldier named Lars Alexandersson. While the game retains elements from the previous games, the game introduces a new rage system that increases the strength of the playable characters when they are weakened. It starts with captioned still images that outline their involvement in the latest King of Iron Fist Tournament and culminates in their ending movie.

It is the sixth main installment in the Tekken franchise. In the game, the name of the location is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. Audible Download Audio Books. However, the players have a choice from one to five rounds, as well as options for the time limit of each round.

Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? The original arcade version has eight characters available by default. Twenty five years later, Heihachi decides to test his son's strength and worth and announces the King of Iron Fist Tournament in which the two would meet in the finals. The rage aura can be customized with different colors and effects to appear like fire, electricity, and ice, among others.

Driven by his thirst for revenge, he climbs up the mountainside. If users accessed them, they were given rewards. And while it's easy for most of its duration, the difficulty ramps up considerably in its final few stages.

Tekken 6 Review - GameSpot

Tekken 6 Review - GameSpot

You can also download replays of people's matches, which is another great training tool if you want to see how the best go about their brutal business. And while the controls are initially fiddly to come to terms with, you'll quickly get used to them. Stringing them together into increasingly damaging combos, however, will take some practice, which is where the game gets deliciously deep. All sub-bosses and Heihachi are not playable in the original arcade version. If you're a newcomer, the game is as welcoming as ever, and there's plenty here to keep you occupied until you're ready to start busting out your own combos.

Heihachi Mishima sponsors the first King of Iron Fist Tournament with a large purse of prize money going to the fighter who can defeat him in the final round of competition. Acting like a truncated Arcade mode, Arena allows you to play through the storyline for all of the characters.

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. The lag in multiplayer, however, has been improved via patch by Namco Bandai Games. The game has both ranked matches for battle points and friendly bouts where you can set up lobbies with up to three other people.

Heihachi Mishima, the main antagonist, serves as the final boss for the game. After Heihachi Mishima is presumed dead in a mysterious Explosion at Hon Maru a new King of Iron fist tournament is announced by a powerful new threat while Jin Kazama seeks his own destiny. Kazuya Mishima, after beating his father Heihachi in the first King of Iron Fist Tournament one year earlier, sponsors the second Tournament, promising a prize a thousand times that of the first. There's plenty going on in each level, such as helicopters crashing, jets flying by, and even livestock milling around, but some of these aren't rendered in impressive ways.

Bosconovitch's deceased daughter, and Lars Alexandersson, Heihachi Mishima's illegitimate son and leader of a rebellious Tekken Force faction fighting Jin's tyranny. Regular enemies and bosses tend to be infuriatingly difficult. The bound system essentially allows you to extend combos by slamming an airborne opponent into the ground, leaving him or her momentarily vulnerable for further strikes. With combos being the best way to victory, players will often develop the notion of trying to perform them as often as possible.

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Disabling Alisa's safe mode, Lars is forced to confront his former teammate, who leaves with Jin to Egypt. Alisa Bosconovitch, an android with jet wings and spinning limbs who was built in the image of Dr. In this feature, GameSpot Australia investigates the state of our nation's once-favored social hangouts. Ever want to know what Panda looks like wearing a pink bikini? With slower connections, you'll notice a definite gap between your controller input and what's happening on screen, and there seems to be a very slight lag with even the fastest links.

By default, there are two rounds of combat. Online mode is another issue.

Sales from the video game have been positive. See our Video Games Guide for more.

Then again, it is an excellent port and will give you plenty of time to practice while on the road, so it just might be worth that extra investment. No matter where you fight, or what mood the melody may set, you'll always be throwing out punches and kicks to a great beat. Until you actually encounter an enemy, only then will the regular combat controls apply. It features new characters, stages, items and customization options.