Talking Tom Cat And Dog

While roasting marshmallows at a campfire with Angela and Hank, Tom gets scared of something stirring nearby and then Angela freaks out. It is soon revealed to be a tiger, but just before it attacks Hank, it eats one of his marshmallows, causing it to get chased by the furious puppy.

There are bubble shooters and endless runners that take you on seriously action-packed adventures. Go super fast on your very own custom jetski and build the perfect beach house. Tom is struck by lightning in a storm and becomes microscopic and then is crushed by Hank as he is heading back home. Fans have now played our games in every single country on the planet!

Organize and run water fights between camps. Angela changes Tom's house when she comes over to stay. Angela turns detective before it's too late.

The hand doesn't take it seriously when Tom needs to use the toilet. Tom and his friends get annoyed by the hand playing with the lamp. By continuing on our website you consent to it.

Talking tom cat and dog

Tom feels bad for him and so Angela, Ben and Hank arrange fun activities for him. When Hank can't see the television clearly, he tries on many different pairs of glasses, none of which work because the screen was dirty. The gang visit Angela on her day off due to lack of water at the apartment. Focuses on the bedtime skills and habits. When Tom helps Angela in the garden, they discover a hidden secret.

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Later, their armadillo accidentally touches the device, making him gigantic. But will they meet up in time for the countdown to midnight? This marks the addition of Talking Hank's scenery to the episode intro. Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles Solve jigsaw puzzles on the go and enjoy hours of puzzle fun.

Angela's making a cake for Tom, but things get sticky pretty quickly when she uses sticky jellies. Tom decides to make mittens for Angela with Hank, Ben and Ginger. And upgrade your Camp as fast as you can to get cool water weapons before your enemies! After a fortune teller predicts Angela is in danger, Tom does everything he can do to prevent it from happening. Pierre gets too focused on his game, thinking his friends are the zombies.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The hand comes back, and disturbs Tom's relaxing time.

However, Angela then starts to enjoy board games and has a game night with the boys and always wins against them, despite the fact her phone gets repaired. Meanwhile, Ginger wants to defy gravity, so Ben makes both of their dreams come true. Ben has a gadget that can duplicate anything.

Interact with Pierre the Parrot, who also makes up his own sentences and plays guitar riffs. Get ready for the mission and get your opponents soaking wet! When Tom and Angela go for a picnic, the two have a strange day. Ginger wants to go to the beach, despite that he is sick, but Tom won't let him.

Tom tries to stay serious with the other faces, but The Hand keeps catching him. The best endless runner game! Run after the robber through tasty worlds, pick up special powers and coins, and meet your fun new buddies!

And the one and only Talking Tom app? Tom and Angela get very different predictions from their fortune cookies. Talking Tom Pool Join the adventure of a lifetime! An amazing new endless runner adventure starts now. At the beach, Tom tries to get his hands on one of Angela's books.

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Tom struggles to get a Talking Tom plush for Angela. This marks the debut of Talking Angela.

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While lost, Angela makes a fire for Hank and Hank gives half of his food for Angela. The friends go on a camping trip but the car runs out of gas and then they get caught in a rainstorm and it rains in their tent due to holes. Tom tries out a bunch of his hats, but they fly away in the wind. Ben, Hank and Ginger desperately try to help him until Angela loses her temper, which stops after Hank shows the apology video.


Talking Tom bought a water park for himself and his friends. Tom and Angela argue about the heat degrees for baking cookies and it gets even worse when they damage each other's property. Grab your bathing suit, complete levels to earn keys and then use the keys to unlock, build, and customize the water park of your dreams. Interact with Angela in the city of Paris. Angela stops it by losing her temper on them.

Tom, Angela, and Hank go on an expedition to photograph a monkey. It's almost New Year's Eve! Later, Tom and Ben decide to destroy the robot.

Solve the sweetest candy case with Talking Tom and Friends. Interact with Ginger on his birthday. Adopt and take care of Talking Hank! Discover new worlds, different running styles and grab boosts on the go. Simply drag your finger on the screen to launch Talking Tom from trampoline to trampoline.

Make room in your calendar for hours of playtime because Talking Tom is ready to play and has the best toys to share with you. Talking Tom Shorts is an ongoing web series. Ginger decides to sabotage the film and it seems to be successful, until, much to his horror, Tom, Angela, Ben and Hank used props to deal with this. Talking Pierre Talking Pierre is in the house! Then Ben and the others bring the beach fun to Ginger.

Talking Tom panics when he forgets it's Talking Angela's birthday, so he calls Ben, ghost 9.0 Hank and Ginger for help and it becomes very successful. Angela puts him into a lesson to be fit.

Talking tom cat and dog