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Now this nasty alien is back for revenge and stronger then ever. This is one sequel you won't want to miss. You can read our online store guide. The game stars Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, as they are sent to thwart another alien invasion. The two versions of the game are almost identical aside from the language of the text shown during the attract sequence.

It was called Contra everywhere else except Europe. The game features horizontally scrolling, as well as overhead horizontal and vertical scrolling levels.

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Unlike the predecessor, each player can now continue at any time, with no need to wait until the other player runs out of lives. This was a bit daft considering that the sequel was allowed to retain its original name. The only commandos left are Lance and Scorpian, so its off to duty! In our July installment of Easter Egg Hunt, we incorrectly provided the tip for starting the game with ten men.

Super C is a better game than the already solid original. It's still difficult, but many of the unfair deaths in Contra aren't here any more. The evil Red Falcon aliens were washed out by the Contra Team. This Action Game is a successor of Contra Game. This time his sinister plan involves infiltrating the American Army with his villainous intergalactic warriors.

Throughout each stage, the player must fight his way through the enemy's line of defense including a few mid-bosses until reaching the final target awaiting at the end. Power-ups can also be collected once again to help battle the evil forces! The order of the latter stages and bosses are also slightly different, with new bosses featured in this version including a new final boss. Bill and Lance must not only fight against their former comrade-in-arms, but also a new mutated form of the same alien creatures they fought during their previous mission.

Instead, there are two overhead levels, much like Commando. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Super C plays a lot like its predecessor, with plenty of weapons that can be collected, with the same aiming and jumping controls. The controls for first player are Ctrl for Shooting, Spacebar for Jumping and Arrow keys for directions. Only change is that a top view mode is added as shown in below screenshot.

Even the though the changes seem subtle, Super C is a better game than the already solid original. Buy Super Contra Super Contra is available a small price on the following websites, dish vector and is no longer abandonware.

The player can replace their default gun with one of four possible weapons by destroying the flying item capsules that appear throughout each stage. This Game is known as Return of Evil Forces. Super Contra European brochure for the arcade release. The available attack options are equally impressive as are the Bosses that take up the entire screen. This is a blockbuster from beginning to end, that has the perfect combination of fast-moving battles, super graphics and animation, challenging Bosses, and explosive power-ups.

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You can upgrade your gun by shooting at the flying capsules. You are given a machine gun to start with. The game consists of five stages, which are set in a military base, a jungle and the alien's lair.

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Super C Download Game

The game lacks the ability to aim diagonally while standing still, or a good jumping control, but these inconveniences are minor. This time around you'll have to use many familiar weapons, including spread guns, lasers, flame throwers, and mega shells to stop the Falcon and his evil cronies.

Bill Alvord of Wellsville, New York, has found a way to start a new game with your previous score and either the standard three men or the number of men you had left. Contra Game - The Soldier. Don't worry - everyone else is as well. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free!

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This time, weapons can now be upgraded by picking up the same power-up twice in a row, resulting in greater destructive power. You are given only three lives per player, and a handful of continues before you must start the game from scratch. The best enhancement in Super C is the removal of those hidden, behind-the-back areas. Hey, who can stop this creepy alien menace?

Let me imagine that you have no idea what Contra is like and need a description. We apologize for the mistake. Instead, Super Contra features vertically-scrolling stages played from an overhead perspective, in which the player can move in eight directions. The cart is executed extremely well, however, with graphics that are fantastically detailed and play that is intense. Mind-blowing graphics and sound as well as excellent game play make this one of the best shooters ever created for the Nintendo system.

The original arcade soundtrack was rearranged for the Japanese and North American versions by Hidenori Maezawa. Read our screenshot tutorial. All three versions contain a sound test mode. This time they have to permanently kill the Falcon Team.

How to make a good computer game for free. European brochure for the arcade release. Video games portal s portal.

Super Contra

Converts photographs into cartoons and drawings. And Konami has added three entirely new levels to the five already familiar to arcade fans. Do these during the title screen after you have finished defeated the final end boss the game. Based on the arcade title, Super C throws in new features and tons of explosive combat action in both horizontal and vertical scrolling environments.

This game is no longer abandonware, we won't put it back online. The reason for this was the political conflict in Nicaragua was considered too sensitive.