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Levy considered Elfman one of the few composers who could do a score similar to that of the Rocky franchise, alternating guitar-based ambient music and songs with a full orchestra. The fight continues with Atom landing multiple punches but also getting knocked down many times and recovering each time. The cross-country setting of desolate American towns coupled with the glitzy finale are spell-binding. Failed boxer Charlie Kenton Hugh Jackman keeps trying to win these with his scrap-style, old-fashioned bots and ends up running from towns in his monster truck to escape the mounting debts. Sometimes you go into a movie with low expectations and are pleasantly surprised.

In the near future when people become uninterested in boxing and similar sports, a new sport is created - Robot boxing wherein robots battle each other while being controlled by someone. Anybody out there making a film on bots? Your secret's safe with me.

Charlie disagrees, but eventually takes Max's side. His ex's sister wants to take him in but Charlie has first say in the matter.

Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who's trying to make it in the new sport, not only doesn't do well, he is very deeply in the red. Actor Karan Oberoi granted bail by Bombay high court. Animation Action Adventure. Mumbai Mumbai search close.

Theatrical release poster. British Board of Film Classification. News - Hugh Jackman buys lottery tickets for crew.

He takes Max for the summer. And Max improves his control of his robot. Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx Pvt. While talking with her about the events, the two kiss, revealing their attraction to each other. The relationships between the actors felt genuine and not overdone or forced.

Even though I come from a broken home, I believe in marriage. What is the first song in this movie? You can change your city from here.

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Zeus starts the fight by knocking Atom down with its first punch, but Atom gets up, and Zeus continues its assault, knocking Atom down multiple times. Security guard Larry Daley infiltrates the Smithsonian Institution in order to rescue Jedediah and Octavius, who have been shipped to the museum by mistake. Troubles compound when he discovers he has an year-old son Max Dakota Goyo who needs a dad, after his mother dies. Elated by their success, Max challenges Zeus, publicly, with the audience squarely on their side.

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And it isn't long before Atom is getting major bouts. In the near future, robot boxing is a top sport. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The next shot at the gym, Max is again covered in mud. Even Evangeline Lilly is winsome and sweet as the girlfriend who wants to give up this unsuitable man, but simply can't. Using this, Charlie is able to get Atom out of the corner and eventually win by knockout. Goofs After Max digs out Atom he is covered in mud.

It's not quite in Balboa's weight class, midi player mac but Real Steel at least has some heft. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Real Steel. The robots themselves were fun and imaginative and definitely made me wish we really had this sport. Real Steel Theatrical release poster.

It had some great plot twists, it had a real story line. After Max leaves, Charlie returns to Bailey.

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The robot animatronics was good. The fight starts with Atom on the attack, but Twin Cities easily takes the offensive and corners Atom.

This upsets Max, and when Charlie tries convincing him it is better for Max to live without him, Max says he always wanted Charlie to fight for him and be there as a father. Thrilling and exciting action with just enough characterization.

The performances of both Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo are mesmerising. On a quest to find out what happened to his missing brother, a scientist, his nephew and their mountain guide discover a fantastic and dangerous lost world in the center of the earth. Filming took place primarily in the U.

Bhumi Pednekar, Mouni Roy wish the producer. But without a hero, he loses all purpose and must find new meaning to his life. An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation. Animatronic robots were built for the film, and motion capture technology was used to depict the brawling of computer-generated robots and animatronics. Basically if they're not walking or fighting, that's a real robot.