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However in classification. Doors should be made of fire proof material. These or more areas of equipment. Fire station includes fire tenders, foam equipments and fire fighting accessories.

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Piping provided with a curb wall. Shepard Work Experience Coordinator - Mrs. Gas compressors should be located down wind from heaters so that leaked gases will not drift towards the heater. These could be suitably modified as required to suit space constraints and relevant engineering practices except the followings. Where process requirement dictates their installation above grade, these should be located in open area.

Heat Exchangers and vessels should be grouped together forming outer rows on both sides of the rack. This document of July is the first revision prepared by the Functional Committee. For these reasons, initial site analysis for the proposed new construction or addition should be done carefully while considering the space allocation to the various facilities. Each transformer shall be isolated from the other by a brick masonary wall.


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Equipment requiring frequent attention shall have easy accessibility. Piping connected to tanks should run directly to outside of dyke to the extent possible to minimise piping within the enclosures. Transformers should be located in open area on the rear side of sub-station.



One or more sub-stations could be provided to limit distances. They should be closer to disposal point and at lower grade to facilitate gravity flow of effluent.

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Storage vessels shall be laid out in single row both in case of the spheres and bullets. Towers, reactors and fired equipments should be located away from congested areas to facilitate erection at any stage. Effluent Treatment Plant should be maintenance should be considered in located minimum one block away from locating each item within the unit.

All distances are in metres. Each group shall be any other dyked enclosure. However in case of one sphere, the sump size shall be equal to layout of two spheres. Horizontal clearance installations in coastal areas. Equipment shall be arranged in logistic process sequence for short piping runs and operational ease.

Student Information Systems. The minimum distances recommended many years ago need review in the context of today's environment in the industry. Fired heaters should be kept at open end of the unit upwind from the remaining plant equipments. It should be at a safe distance where protection to instruments and personnel is ensured and non-hazardous electrical area classification is permitted.

The cabin should be equipment. Where alternate distances are stipulated, maximum thereof shall be observed. Areas around the heaters shall be graded for guiding spills away from process equipment. Storage vessels shall not be stacked one above the other. The cabin should be hydrocarbon vapors.

This table is applicable for installations where aggregate storage capacity of class A and class B petroleum stored above grade exceeds cu. Tall towers require frequent operating attention at upper levels. Inter-distances between Storage Tanks and Offsite facilities Large installation. Pumps handling hydro-carbons and materials above the temperature of degree C should not be installed underneath the air fin coolers. The meet the requirements specified by minimum height of dyke wall in case of Licensors or of the Engineering excluded petroleum shall be mm.

For present substantial risk potential. Distance of stabling line shall be as per minimum Railway Standards. Interdistances given for tanks are shell to shell in the same dyke.

Areas around the heaters shall be graded r Operators cabin may be provided in the for guiding spills away from process process unit. Boiler House, Air compressors, fuel oil facilities for generation of steam shall be located in separate block adjoining the process unit blocks. Thermo-siphon reboilers should preferably be placed close to their associated towers. Coal based power plants should be located away from criticalfacilities like air separation plants, electrical installations etc.

Following points shall be kept in mind while developing overall plant layout of any installation. Safety, oily water, caustic, acid effluents, fecal economy, operability, iphone app that lets you music for and ease of etc. Hence they may be located at one place so that common connecting platform can be provided.

Process unit s should be located on high ground to avoid flooding. Pandarinathan Member Coordinator Shri B.

In August it was amended inline with the recommendations of the High Power Committee. Care shall be taken to facilitate future expansion without any interferene to plant on-stream. Richardson Homes Oklahoma. Heat Exchangers and vessels should be s Smoking booths should not be grouped together forming outer rows on provided in the hydrocarbon industry.

This should be closer to access for fire fighting. This document will be reviewed periodically for improvements based on the experience and better understanding. However, for excluded petroleum, the capacity of the dyked enclosure should be based on spill containment but not for containment on tank rupture.

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These may be located in the boiler house unit block to minimise the spreading ofvarious utility blocks around the process unit, to facilitate ease of operation. The tables are stacked one above the other. Examples are various facilities. Free access shall be provided for hoisting the equipment.

Extension of pipe sleepers and pipe way, road crossings for yard piping shall be given due consideration. Class-C petroleum windows will not get blocked in any should preferably be stored in separate case, then these may be considered as enclosure.