Nepali Movie Chino Songs

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Nepali movie Chino

So you will never any downloading speed issue. There are a lot of songs which I did not include in this list because I did not want this list to be too long.

Mohani Lagla Hai

Also as a side note this song is written by M. The music video itself is very nice featuring Barsa Raut. Best songs to dedicate to Girlfriend Or listen while You are in Love. Nepali songs is gaining all the love and attention that it was expecting since a long time. Using GenYoutube you can download any type of videos from the Youtube.

It not only became commercially successful as a movie but also got recognition to its director Tulsi Ghimire as one of the most popular and successful film director. This song is worth a listen still today. We'll assume you're ok with this. Search results can the sorted on the basis of relevance, view count, title, rating and publish date.

Nepali movie Chino Considered as one of the most successful Nepali movies, Chino is also among the top five most popular Nepali movies of all times. Chino is a movie packed full of action and romantic with a musical theme and was blockbuster hit on its release. Songs from Nepali Movies were also a hit back then with every hopeful person singing such tunes. Using of this video on other channels without prior permission will be strictly prohibited.

Revenge might be everything for the two united brothers but do they succeed or get killed in their quest is what the audience should look for in this movie. The people of Nepal were delighted by her patriotic songs back then. Feel free to watch videos without going anywhere.

They were the sounds of each and every house or neighborhood that had a radio. Also this song features Asha Bhosle a prominent Indian singer.

Sung faster than the rest of the songs, this is one of those that took a modern step in the field of Nepali music. The movie has everything that an entertaining Nepali movie does like action, story, romance, dsa motorcycle theory test comedy and good music.

Nepali masstamilan

Rj Click Here to View this Song! Some are even influenced from Bollywood or Indian music. Now download videos in all formats from Youtube using GenYoutube video downloader.

Mohani Lagla Hai

Forgive me if I miss out an important song. You can even search the episodes and movies and download them.

Download Nepali 2008 Tamil movie mp3 songs

Totally a hit Nepali classic that has been covered by a lot of music enthusiasts to date. The main story of the movie is all about revenge and the end of all evil. One of the songs Mohani Lagla Hai sung by Narayan Gopal and Asha Bhosle from the movie became very much popular and topped the charts for several months. Ok, I told only one song per artist but this song from the movie Chino is too good to miss out.

This is one extra song for Nepali classic music lovers. The man is reminiscing the time with his family in this song. Just another awesome treat to ears with fast beat. Synopsis on Seto Bagh by Diamond Sumsher.

These music artists did not require advanced equipments and effects to record. Who else but Melina Rai pairing with Mahesh Kafle.

Nepali movie Chino

Those songs have had their own impact and are still played by many. This is a great timeless classic by Chujan Dukpa.

The two brothers, separated birth gradually meets with each other as the events in the movies unfold and the family is reunited. It had celebrated twenty five days of screening at cinema hall which was a great achievement. Like Us in Facebook Hami Nepali. Recording thousands of songs in her lifetime, she sang songs about our nation and our people.

It also supports new formats which recently Youtube rolled out. This song is by Meera Rana called Makhamali Choli.

List of 10 Timeless Nepali Classic Music and Songs

This is a nice song to listen with fast beat. Antarmanko Yatra by Jagadish Ghimire. After that they get united with their mother and they decide upon revenge for their unrightful death of their father. She also sang on the topic of love.

From the hit movie Kusume Rumal, the title song Kusume Rumal is quite a hit. The movie has everything that a Kollywood masala movie does but with a better way of presentation and good story.