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Lyrics submitted by LilBowieGirl. It describes how Ziggy gave everything he was to rock and roll. It detailed Ziggy's final collapse as an old, washed-up rock star and, as such, was also the closing number of the Ziggy Stardust live show.

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No matter what the original meaning was, this song and it's heart-wrenching lyrics carry on after David's death. Elvis was part of David Bowie's inspiration to create Ziggy Stardust along with other influential figures like Beethoven, fx camera H.

Art rock glam rock soul blue-eyed soul Philadelphia soul. Instead of revolution it's rock and roll. The last part of the song seems to be about comforting the fans. It's the end of the album, the end of the band, and the end of the world.

It is amazing what kind of power one song can have on many lives. When The Wind Blows digital E. The article includes a comprehensive version of the story by Bowie himself, inspirations behind both name and character, and other titbits of info you might be interested in. Geek Wedding Forever, Vol. You're not alone and you're wonderful.

Rock n Roll Suicide Lyrics

The Coolest Songs in the World! You're not alone Youre watching yourself but you're too unfair You got your head all tangled up but if I could only Make you care Oh no love!

Lighten up Ashtray-girl ands NellieWhiskey, Avalee got the joke. Can you just imagine hearing this song at Ziggy's retirement concert? Lady Stardust therefore is not a she, it's written about Marc. Where you came up with all the other stuff, well, you have a vivid and misinformed imagination I think but, regardless, Lady Stardust is about Marc Bolan. This section does not cite any sources.

SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Wells and the Babylonians. One night listening to my iPod on shuffle I was considering ending it. The more you try to enjoy life the faster is slips through your're fingers. Nothing Great About Britain.


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Gui Andrisano, Warren Peace. Good to see a bit of fun in the world here. No Replies Log in to reply. Where does that guy come from? Memory This song literally saved my life.

If I had one thing to say to David Bowie, it'd be thank you for saving my life and helping me get onto the road to recovery. Every Bowie song is about Nirvana.

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You're not alone You're watching yourself but you're too unfair You got your head all tangled up But if I could only make you care Oh no love! Thank you for your inspiration.

David Bowie - Rock n Roll Suicide lyrics

Or maybe you're blowing smoke and everyone jumps onboard and believes everything they read on the internet? And as soon as it was finnished, he hopped into a car and drove away with all the fans chasing after him. Who is this Ziggy fellow you keep metioning.