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We obviously only cater for those that want to combine information from many different county's charts. Elvis is the leading sales artist for both Solo Artist or Group. It wasn't as close as I thought. However, I can't seem to find this song on your site, or in the csv data file I got from you. However we have had a go at adding such pages, if you look at any of the year pages for to you should find a link that will show you the results.

Garth Brooks is rated as one of the top-selling album acts of all time, but inspite of several recognizable hits, he fails to chart any song at all among the top of all time. City Lights composer, lyricist. That is a really good question and a very hard one to answer. Bests and Essentials Lists.

That looks interesting and seems to have a wide enough range for us to use, except we can't see the full list anywhere. Artists that are outside the top do not have all their songs listed, just the ones that were big enough to make the top of any year. And this is certainly true for the small number of heavy contributors to the site who are all getting older.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Do they have charts and radios doing the counting of the song rotation? Same with Phil Collins and his hits with Genesis.

Follow eurovisionw on Facebook. There were a lot of changes, that was the whole point of the new algorithm. The voting time was cut in where each spokesperson started to just announce the top three votes. Again, all my appreciation for all you hard work. In or l I remember hearing this song.

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However our instinct is to include charts unless there is a good reason for not doing so. The music is rather electronic, with a characteristic regular rythm. It is a topic that we have dicussed between us a few times, unfortunately the conclusion we have come to is that putting extra weight on long runs near the top won't work for this data. Babe do me right make all my dreams come true tonight cause I'm in love forthe first time in my life. If you were to combine George Michael's solo career along with his hits with Wham, do you know what song artist number he'd be?

It would be interesting to compare the most successful songs within a specific genre or medium. The reason for the change was that some users pointed out some anomolies in the way songs from the s were ordered. This songs was a chart hit. For example Boby Fuller four I Fought the Law disappeared while the lesser known Tennessee Waltz is still there had a lower score in previous versions.

The way we calculate the scores was changed quite radically last month. We have added this chart as a contributor to the details, so users can see what this critic's view of each album was, however we've ensured that this does not affect the overall score. Undoubtedly, certain artist's, like Madonna, I would see no reason for album data to skew results like an outlier.

Either way, if you decide to answer, thank you very much for your time. Please let me know if this alright with you. And based off everything I've seen and been told its seems to me that the Beatles were the most over-rated, hyped up media affair. Please send me some information.

Live at Eurovision in Concert. The other site you mention has to be rejected for two reasons, firstly because it is a single critics list the list, for example, has two Dylan albums in the top two slots. After that it declined and has gotten worse and worse every decade. It would really help to make a downloadable file like you did for the top artists. Irregardless its a meaningful questions, corrections or downright simple questions.

For our own music collections we use this data in combination with sources of lyrics and cover art to add extra value. If anyone would like to collect, manage and host a set of music clips we would be interested to discuss how we could collaborate.

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However, catholic apps we've never had much luck getting French charts. Is this the same basic answer for the French music? Is there a way i could know what just the greatest French songs are?

We already have some charts from digitaldreamdoor and we'll look at the others. As time goes on we've gathered more up to date data and try and improved the coverage. Would it be possible to list the top or songs for each decade? So the first number shows that the algorithm is the same, the second shows the parameters are different and the final one shows that the source data has been refined.

Then there is a saxophone solo at the end. Hello, great site, currently used some of the chart info for wikipedia however some other contributors believe this site is not a valid source of chart positions.

My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. The fully correct answer is that it depends on the input chart, but for most charts the answer is no, it only lists the entry time. No, that sounds like a hard process. That forces you to sample a few and reject some of the inevitable dross that was highly placed.