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The Astrology Starter Pack is the best buy in astrology software. But, for an astrologer, it is a handy astrology software.

We can now carry out complicated tasks and calculations right on our computer without wasting too much time, which comes in very handy. You can save the picture of the generated zodiac wheel, along with the info in different bitmap formats. Professionals can send some or all of the odd pages of interpretations on each chart to a word processor as a starting point for an individualized written interpretation.

6 Best Astrology software for windows PC

You can view a Declination Strip object and Tabulations on a Reports page, or use the Graphic Ephemeris with Declination as the coordinate you are interested in using on the graph. Watch the celestial sphere appear before your very eyes.

The program comes with a database installed of Atlantic hurricanes from to and with the capability to download additional hurricanes from the UniSys web pages. Charubel is the professional name for Welsh occultist, clairvoyant and healer John Thomas.

If you do not have much understanding in reading charts, you can quickly read out interpretations written in formal and easy to understand language. It has a simplistic interface to use with easy to use features, but of course for experienced passionate astrologers.

The report contains predictions, calculations, and other related information in a clear descriptive manner. You can also add black holes, quasars, etc. This astrology program for Windows was first produced in and has been expanding ever since to become a world leader.

The astro mapping utility comes bundled with its own atlas and prediction engine that can help you find the best places in the world to do almost anything. Click here for Free e-Books or if you prefer a printed copy, they are available at Amazon. In other words, if you have a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email address you can now directly email charts from Solar Fire. You can get pop-up interpretations of individual aspects and other factors by clicking on planets and other items in the chart wheel or hitlist.

You can select and adjust which city and country names are plotted on maps. Enter the legal time at the date of birth, the program uses data bases to try to determine the time zone at that epoch. In addition, Gauquelin sector positions are available in tables and in the chart and electional searches. Can also be direct or converse, tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected.

Click here for the Conference Audio Recordings. After entering the data, it will show you Rasi Chart, along with other necessary astrological data, such as Vimshottari Dasa, Planets, and Cusps. You click on the interpretations mouse mode button and then point to a symbol plotted over or around the map and click for an interpretations report to appear. You can also include selected midpoints in the extra-points ring of wheels and dials.

You can set different orbs for natal, transiting and progressed use, and different orbs for the luminaries vs. You can view any forecasting chart either by itself or in a multi-ringed wheel along with the natal and other charts. Our Dynamic events now always have the highest accuracy possible, including for large time steps. It is not really a comprehensive astrology software, however, it still covers a lot of features and considerably a handy tool for different astrological calculations.

As soon as you enter essential info, such as name, birth, and place, it draws the natal chart with all the Aspects, Orbs, and other astrological info plotted on it. Or sort by natal points to see how each factor in the chart is affected by the transits during that period. The table first shows the aspects it makes to its own chart, but continuing to click on the point will sequentially show you the aspects that the point makes to planets in each of the other rings e.

Employing highest standards of software developments, Bindu enables the users to benefit their maximum knowledge and even more. Solar Fire also provides the ability to change from Geocentric to Heliocentric charts and graphs. Likewise, the Fixed Star Editor lets you add traditional star meanings to those already in the program. It has a really fascinating feature to directly match two persons to check compatibility. Custom Ephemeris Tables use state-of-the-art accuracy and go way beyond what you can get in books.

As these charts vary with time i. In the latest Solar Fire text for the Vertex has been written by Alice Portman, an Australian astrologer and expert on this subject. Astrological publishing has never been this easy.

13 Best Free Astrology Software For Windows

Advanced Astrology Software for Windows 10 Windows 7 and Windows 8 or

Dynamic Hit lists are extraordinarily flexible and complete in Solar Fire. The lessons include different tools to help you practice, and many other utilities to help you along the way.

Map land and sea colors are fully customizable. Keplar comes bundled with all the basic tools and utilities, along with some extra ones that can help improve your experience like audio interpretations of different charts and calculations. Download Midpoint for investigating midpoints. This version now extends this concept to include wheels displaying rulers used in Classical astrology. In addition, they can do things like finding charts where a planet, point or cusp or its ruler, almuten, etc.

Unlike other astrology software in the list, this one is a textual version. This is another great feature that can help beginners and professionals alike without any hassle. If you are a Professional astrologer, or a serious amateur astrologer, you are going to love this program's sophisticated features. You can also view similar lunar phase data on a chart Report Tabulation. Plus, it also allows you to change chart directions.

6 Best Astrology software for windows PC

So please make sure that you update with our dynamic software. This natal chart calculator will generate the position of the planets at the moment of birth, and also a full interpretation. You can also animate dials, get point-and-click interpretations, and print out any chart that you see on the screen. The software can provide you with detailed predictions across all these matters. It also allows you to draw freely across the interface, to make things more understandable.

Understand your chart in depth with Urania astrological software. Hence these were all the top astrological softwares available out there for download, norton antivirus direct you can find the one that fits all your needs. Capricorn Astrology Software.

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Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. You can print your Solar Calendar or email it to your family, friends or clients. You can add ephemerides for more centuries and more asteroids from any source that is in Swiss Ephemeris or pre Pottenger format. Solar Fire now provides a way for users to merge their chart files.