Arctic Cat Atv Repair Manual

ATV Repair Manuals

We have downloadable repair manuals for nearly every Arctic Cat quad manufactured. Only Arctic Cat approved gas- oline additives should be used. Each section covers a specific component or system in addition to easy-to-understand repair procedures, such as disassembly, inspection, cleaning, assembly and reinstallation instructions. Most importantly, font dom software each repair manual is model and year specific to ensure you get the best repair information.

Arctic Cat ATV Manuals

Turn the adjuster until the throttle cable has proper! Disconnect the high tension lead from the spark plug. Rotate the V-belt and clutches until the V-belt is flush with the top of the driven clutch. If brake fluid must be added, care must be taken as brake fluid is very corrosive to painted surfaces.

One cap screw and nut with flat washer. Starting with the top ring, slide one end of the ring out of the ring-groove.

Arctic Cat Atv Repair Manual

Align the valve adjuster handle with one of the marks on the valve adjuster dial. Note the location of the main engine ground wire for installing purposes.

Brake loss can result in severe injury. At the intervals shown in the Peri- odic Maintenance Chart, clean the spark arrester using the following procedure. If there is any type of electrical system failure, always check the fuses first.

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Electrical Connections The electrical connections should be checked peri- odically for proper function. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. The Electronic Control Unit detects whether the gear is shifted down or up during the voltage change. To adjust, proceed to Adjusting Shift Lever.

Testing Engine Compression To test engine compression, use the following pro- cedure. On carbureted models, drain the carburetor float chamber. Or a primary chain jumping a tooth may need adjustment.

Inspect the area around the drain plug and oil fil- ter for leaks. Adjust the auxiliary brake if necessary. Valve clearance must be within specifications.

On liquid cooled models, fill the cooling system to the bottom of the stand pipe in the radiator neck with properly mixed coolant. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Place the filter assembly in the air filter housing making sure it is properly positioned and prop- erly seated with the filter screen down.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rotate the shift rod end as necessary to align its threaded shaft with the hole in the upper shift axle.

Install the engine drain plug and tighten to spec- ifications. When using ethanol blended gasoline, it is not nec- essary to add a gasoline antifreeze since ethanol will prevent the accumulation of moisture in the fuel sys- tem. Keep the mounting hardware with the covers for assembly purposes or thread them back into the head to keep them separated. To change the lubricant, use the following proce- dure. Clean up any excess oil after removing the filter.

On liquid cooled models, check the coolant level and add properly mixed coolant as necessary. Drain the oil into a drain pan by removing in turn the drain plug from each. Shock absorber rods not bent, pitted, or dam- aged. The engine must be warm and the bat- tery must be fully charged for this test. Using a suitable brush, clean the carbon deposits!

Such efficiency not only helps build consumer confidence but also saves. Rubber damper not cracked, broken, or miss- ing. Expansion room must be maintained in the tank par- ticularly if the tank is filled with cold gasoline and then moved to a warm area. Tighten the gas tank cap securely after filling the tank.

Arctic Cat Repair Manuals

Arctic Cat Repair Manuals

Handlebar grips not worn, broken, or loose. Slow disc-speed hydraulic brakes must be properly burnished in order to achieve maximum stopping power.

Each manual is divided into chapters and subsections. Manuals available for models.

Arctic Cat ATV Manuals

Refer to the appropriate Illustrated Parts Manual for the cor- rect part number, quantity, and description. Unscrew the oil level stick and wipe it with a clean cloth. At this point the clutch should be adjusted correctly. If the brake is not firm, the system must be bled. Measure the thickness of each brake pad.

Disconnect the speed sensor lead from the wiring harness. After disconnecting the oil cooler hoses, plug them to prevent leakage from the cooler.

Refer to the appropriate problem code within this chapter. Shock absorber body not damaged, punc- tured, or leaking. Always wear safety glasses. Spline lateral movement slop.