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People like looking at their beauty and greatness. This screensaver shows the well-known process of humankind evolution and how the technical progress influences us now.

This free program is both a screen saver and a screen saver construction package. Screensaver Construction Packages The programs in this section enable you to create and distribute your own screensavers. Download this screensaver in full resolution at mac.

Top 10 Free Screensavers for Windows 10

You can set the number of ions and emitters, adjust the animation and camera speed, customize the motion blur and set a frame rate limit. This one looks like a real sticker on the wall and may remind you about a task from your to-do list. This is the closest screen saver that resembles matrix screen saver shown in the movie. Also it is always nice to hear, that somebody loves you! Watch the numbers that make up the current time slowly droping into water.

Every minute of real time is numerically expressed with heavy Helvetica dropping into water in super slow-motion. Directly from the screensaver you can select either the black or white background and also either the small, medium or large screen effect. Heavily inspired by the opening credits of Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! It can be really useful for those who always forget some important plans.

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Funny Screensavers

Download this screensaver in full resolution at hqwallbase. Hot air balloons leisurly float along in an azure sky. The Apple logo flying across your screen is a good choise for those who adore this brand.

Like other screensavers it starts up when you leave your computer unattended, and it shuts down as soon as you return to work. The programs in this section enable you to create and distribute your own screensavers. Thus, screensavers are mostly used now to look pretty. With this screensaver you can create and distribute your own slideshow. Free download Midnight Beach from here.

Free version, there is also a longer version which is not free. Sometimes, users can also choose a setting wherein a password will be required to reactivate the screen once a screensaver has started displaying. As your computer rests, the stars twinkle and darkness settles over the land. Want a really cool visual representation of the weather rather than a desktop widget? Free Screen saver showing the size of the world population!

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Not just your average, garden-variety screensaver, this download exudes the rebirth of spring as these gardens abound with splashy blossoms and vivid greenery. MieNet's cursor collection is unique in a number of ways.

25 Cool & Funny Screensavers to Customize Your PC

Newer Post Older Post Home. Hilarious screensaver which throws pies at Bill Gates.

This screensaver was created for all the fans of The Lord of the Rings. Download today for this vibrant rotating display. Free Desktop Wallpapers Wallpaper Randomizer A small program that selects different desktop wallpaper each time you start your computer. Screensaver Portals FabulousSavers. It features swarms of saucers in gently wobbling formation, parallax-scrolling up the screen.

Versatile freeware clock screensaver for Windows. Sunset Wonder for your Desktop. MieNet's Free Desktop Wallpapers. Brilliantly colored tulips will bring the feeling of spring to anyone's desktop with this free desktop screensaver.

Publish your own Web pages for free! Happy Halloween Screensaver. Delight in these fresh tulips when you highlight your desktop with this colorful reminder of spring and it's stunning colors. For radiant rose images that are so realistic you can almost smell them, download this screensaver pack today. Download this witty screensaver at wall.

Population growth and population count variables are adjustable. This bit screensaver displays a bouncing image or photograph of your choosing. This is a talking screensaver. Download this screensaver at efreescreensaver. The moon gently luminates the deep blue heavens as twilight settles over the rugged mountains.

Your own portrait as a screensaver? Screensavers Planet Screensavers ordered by category and popularity. This is done by either blanking out the screen or by filling the screen with some moving images every time the computer goes on idle.

Top 10 Free Screensavers for Windows 10

If you are addicted to video games, this joke must be very close to your heart. Got its name as matrix screen saver as similar one was displayed in matrix movie. We view this as a realistic depiction of nature, but there is also some romance to it as well. What it does in the interim is unique.

25 Cool & Funny Screensavers to Customize Your PC

Funny Screensavers

There are also funny screensavers that people can download off the internet. Funny Screensavers Biography For most people, starcraft 2 heart of the swarm screensavers are simply images on the screen that appear after a moment that the computer has not been used. Another Funny Screensaver.

Menu Overview Guide Store. Today, there are already a wide variety of screensavers to choose from. But for those who are more adept in computer knowledge, a screensaver is actually a program in the computer that is intended to avoid phosphor burn-in on most computer monitors.